Emily Williamson Perkins

Business Development Manager & Change Management Advisor

Change management and corporate communications departments are often intertwined, and Emily has built both from the ground up.

Her change management expertise helps people at all levels flourish in their jobs so they can contribute more fully to operational excellence. A certified change manager and trainer, Emily is experienced in advising senior management on effective strategies, creating cross-functional, collaborative teams, developing training and leadership development initiatives, and turning lessons learned into continuous improvement.

As an award-winning communicator, Emily understands that to be meaningful, the message and the medium must work together. That helps her eliminate communication chaos, which is more prevalent than ever in an era where new channels are always popping up yet tried-and-true methods still exist.

Emily also has experience in trade show management, global manufacturing and supply chain management and benefits administration.

Emily holds a Master of Energy Business degree from the University of Tulsa and bachelor’s degrees in both marketing and management from Oklahoma State University.


+1 (918) 691-7087